Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Storming the Rhetoric: Give us Your Slogans!

Let's invent the language that will get the public talking.

I'll start.

If we can't afford our schools, how can we afford the rich?  Reform the tax rates of California!

Every cut is a crime against children.

Democracy is non-negotiable! Stop the privatization of our schools!

Education is a right, not a race. (Got that from Cornel West)

Lost Earning = Lost Learning 


  1. My brother-in-law is one of those drivers who has a running commentary on other drivers, most of it 'salty.' So, my nephew grew up sitting in his car seat headed to school or grandma's listening to his dad cursing and swearing.
    When he was three years old, and in pre-school, the teacher was reading "Hats for Sale.' For those who have not read it, at a crucial moment in the story a monkey is sitting in a tree with all of the hat saleman's hats. The teacher, reading along, said something like, "and then the man turned to the monkey and said..."
    At the point Danny jumped up and shouted "give me back my hats you fucking asshole!"

    In honor of my brother-in-law and my nephew I nominate:

    Give us back our money you fucking assholes!


    Give us back our democracy you fucking assholes!


  2. I like "Lost Earning = Lost Learning," but it might be better stated as:

    "Lost Teacher Earning = Lost Student Learning"


  3. "Cutting school days may save money, but what will it cost?"

    Or how about "What does cutting a school day save (crossed out) cost?"

    Or "How many days can we afford to lose?"

    or "How many days do we lose before "high school" becomes "low school"? or "no school?"

    or "Furloughs-Resources=Future Success...How's our math?"

  4. I don't think furlough day is the right term for the day, instead how about: Dumbdown Day, Learning Loss Day, I don't write good Day, Kids Don't Matter Day, ikantspel dei, Another day to gangbang. Duh, winning days. Future Target Employees Day.

    "SRTA ate my homework."

    "Last one out of Public Education, turn out the lights on democracy."



  5. "Last one out of Public Education, turn out the lights on democracy" is inspired, though yours, Barbara, is a sentimental favorite.

    Also like "Cutting days may save money, but what will it cost?"

  6. "Stop stealing from your children."

    "Every lost school day takes a dozen lost opportunities with it." (Or something like that. I like the idea of tying lost opportunities in since school is frequently referred to as a doorway to opportunity.)

    "If there are so many terrible teachers, how come you can read this?"

    "Education Cuts = Classroom Gluts."

    "Think positively. Maybe 40-45 kids in a classroom will cut down on the heating costs."

  7. I notice in the news today that corporate profits are at an 18-year high, while the rest of the economy and the funding of education is at a disastrous low. There's gotta be a slogan in that, but I haven't thought of it yet.

  8. Great thread! Did you know that we are in need of people willing to volunteer for various committees? We have the Organizing Committee to reach out to members, the Communication Committee to craft our message to the public, and the Political Action Committee to support political causes.

    Just by the nature of this blog, I see several people who write well and are motivated. How about joining the Commuinications Committee? We need a group of people to monitor various media outlets and who are prepared to respond with articles. It is easy to talk about our association in a detached way, but you are SRTA, if you don't volunteer, then who will?

    If you believe that education is under threat, shoot me an email and let's do something about it.

    Andy Brennan